Care for your bag


Caring for your bag 

Blenda bags are a practical companion for everyday life and versatile for various occasions. They are built to last a lifetime, but to achieve that, it's essential to pay attention to and follow some maintenance and cleaning guidelines:

Cleaning Instructions


1. Clean the entire surface with a cloth, using a mixture of 1 part mild liquid soap to 9 parts water (do not use solutions containing alcohol, ketones, xylene, acetates, or solvents).
2. Completely remove any excess of the mixture with a damp cloth (using water only).
3. Dry the surface.


1. Remove dust with a soft brush or a dry cloth.
2. Wipe with a slightly damp cloth.
3. Pull the interior out to allow it to air dry.

Use white, color-free cloths to avoid staining the materials.

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